Classic 35 Matt

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The Classic advantages to you, the professional floor sander, is a sophisticated product, with its revolutionary formula that dries very quickly. This product is especiallt advantegious on oily timbers. This timber finish can be screened back and recoated within 1-2 hours. Thus enabling the sander to get on with the job quickly, resulting in a high quality finish at a low cost per square metre.

Synteko Classic provides you with a coating system that is not only reliable and durable but is consistently profitable, a feature no other coating system will achieve.

With Synteko Classic you will also have time and money for other things in life.

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Synteko’s focus has been to produce a quality product for the professional floor sander. Syntekos high standard means that the company does not manufacture the cheapest or widest range of products. Synteko produces proven quality products that enhance the natural beauty whilst leaving behind a durable, long-lasting, beautiful floor finish that will completely satisfy you and your customer.

For the last 50 years, Synteko’s Swedish finish known as “Classic” has withstood the test of time and set the benchmark for excellence that no other solvent-based finish can match. Synteko’s Classic system provides a unique combination of durability, scratch and scuff resistance, clarity and grain definition. The Classic system also provides unsurpassed beauty, bringing out the natural colour of your Wood floor.

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