Loba ProColor Stains (750ml)

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Solvent-based, low odour stain for the professional staining of parquet and hardwood floors

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For the professional staining of parquet and hardwood floors, for coating with waterborne
LOBADUR® varnish systems. Most suitable for staining coarse-grained, ring porous
hardwoods (oak, ash). When used on fine-grained wood from deciduous and coniferous
trees the stain tends to make sanding marks stand out and leave behind an uneven
colouration. The various stains can be mixed together to create new colours. Mix stain with
ProColor transparent to lighten the colour. The natural colour, structure and porosity of the
wood, as well as the fineness of the sanded finish, have a very significant effect on the
resulting colour. We strongly recommend testing the colour for yourself and, as applicable,
for approval by the building owner by preparing a colour sample using a piece of the original
wood sanded in the same manner as the floors to be treated.


individual designing possibilities
optical upgrading of floors
simple & safe application
long time proven system

Colour Chart and Coating Guide
MSD Sheet
Water Popping Timber Floors for Stains
Sanding Instructions for Stains

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