Staining Options at Portugal Cork

We have a variety of stains depending on the job and the outcome you desire.

Fiddes Nitro Stains are a range of high-quality penetrating oil-based stains designed with the flexibility to create your own unique colour. Nitro Stains are specifically formulated for timber floors but can also be used on any timber surface. They offer excellent even penetration and rich depth of colour. Suitable for use under Fiddes Hard Wax Oil or Lacquers.

Fiddes Light Fast Water Based Stains are nonhazardous, free of toxic chemicals and with zero VOC’s are environmentally friendly. Light Fast Water Stains are suitable for use under all Fiddes timber finishes and offer an excellent depth of colour. The ever-expanding range comes in stylish colours to enhance and timber surface. The stains can be mixed together to achieve customised looks, are easy to use and have a dry time of approximately 1 hour.

Bona White Primer is a waterborne primer for untreated wooden floors designed to give an enhanced whitewashed appearance on lighter timber species. The intensity and depth of colour can be controlled by the number of applications.

Loba Active Colour is for the pre-treatment of raw, tannin-rich timbers such as oak. The colour will vary, depending on the tannin content. Areas of sapwood will not take up any stain, which results in beautiful natural colour effects similar to those seen with smoking, unlike with colouring, Grey and Brown available.

Loba Pro Colour Stain is a Solvent-based, low odour stain for the professional staining of parquet and hardwood floors. The various stains can be mixed together to create new colours. Mix stain with ProColor transparent to lighten the colour. The natural colour, structure and porosity of the wood, as well as the fineness of the sanded finish, have a very significant effect on the resulting colour.

Feast Watson Prooftint is a unique, fast drying, spirit-based stain that allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining. Prooftint can be used neat to achieve deep, rich colour or diluted with Prooftint Colour Reducer or Feast Watson Timber Primer to achieve lighter shades. Prooftint colours can be mixed together to achieve an exact colour match for your timber. Such versatility makes it ideal for colour matching to existing colour schemes and repairing scratches and damage to stained timber.

Feast Watson Liming White is an oil based liming stain which gives a soft, milky effect to timber. Liming White can be used neat to give a white finish, or it can be tinted with Feast Watson Prooftint to achieve a variety of pastel tones.

Dulux Professional Tint can be added to fillers and putties to achieve a colour that matches your floor.

Whittle Wax Treatex Colour Stains – wood doesn’t always match the other colours in your home so Treatex have developed a range of colour tones to assist in the matching process. The pigments are colourfast. Using natural pigments to enhance the grain & strengthen the colours.

Loba Pre-Tone is a waterborne pigment stain for wooden floors. Colour intensification under colour oils. By accentuating the wood structure and grain vibrant colour effects can be achieved. This stain is available in Black, Brown and White.