REDifill Would Like To Introduce Themselves

We would like to introduce ourselves and our range of water-based wood fillers.

We have been in the flooring and paint industry for over 30yrs and during that time we often struggled to find a wood filler that we were 100% happy with.

Over those years we decided to experiment with different formulations to produce a wood filler that was easy to use and give a professional result – first time every time.

REDifill’ has been supplying wood filler to a select number of trade distributors throughout’ Australia for over 15yrs. We truly believe that we have a quality product that is second to none: made by the trade – for the trade.

REDifill’ is extremely versatile and can be used as either an Interior or Exterior filler. REDIfill’ can be used on Timber, MDF, Panelling, Furniture, Plasterboard and Timber. It can also be used as a grain filler, crack filler, edge filler and a flood filling compound. This product goes from filling floorboards to preparing your house for painting. You thus only need the one product which equates to savings in time and money. You can be assured that whatever the .job you’ll have the right filler for a quality result.

We guarantee that whether someone is a home handyman or a professional contractor they will find that REDIfill is as easy to use as our name suggests.

REDifill’ prides itself on being a totally Australian made and owned company tested to’ Australian conditions. We are a family owned and operated company who continually strive for excellence.

Call into Portugal Cork for your Redifill today or contact us if you have any questions 07 3343 7677