Synteko Urethane Matt 20

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Synteko Urethane is superior quality oil modified polyurethane-engineered floor finish. This floor finish is renowned for its depth of beauty and because of its high solid content, is extremely durable. Urethane has the highest solid content compared to all other oil-modified products made in Australia.Two coats of Synteko Urethane are equivalent to 3 coats of the competitor products.Synteko Urethane is a universal product enabling it to be used on any species of timber floor. Urethane is its own sealer, only requiring two coats. Therefore, urethane is a low cost per square metre per litre product, which offers extreme durability over traditional oil finishes.

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Synteko Natural and Domo are innovative very high solids oil finish products based on natural oils for timber floors. This one coat application is characterised by an exceptional high yield coupled with extraordinary abrasion resistance, which is obtained through no evident film left on the surface. This feature offers you, the floor sander, and a coverage rate of between 40-50m2 per litre. This VOC compliant oil can be used where traditional oils cannot be used which gives you, the contractor, and the advantage of a reliable product at a very low cost. This is reinforced by a very low cost maintenance regime.

Synteko’s mission is one of producing superior quality timber floor finishes. For the past 50 years Synteko has been at the forefront of floor coating technology, where reliability, durability and consistent profitability are demanded by you, the professional floor sander.

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