Schwamborn 530 Floor Grinder

The DSM530 Three Phase Floor Grinder is a conventional planetary grinding system for concrete and natural stone floors. Easier to operate than any other machine of it's size with the same grinding circumference. Complete with an Anti-Shock drive mechanism the Schwamborn Grinder also has a water control direct from the handle for professional concrete polishing.

Applications; Subfloor preparation prior to polishing, cut and coat and effective concrete polishing.



• Three phase power for greater production per hour
• Multiple handle positions – ergonomic and user friendly
• Dismandle for easy transport – or to take up stairs & storage
• Left / Right rotation – maximise diamond grinding shoe wear
• Ensures even grinding pressure with Diamond Floating Device
• Speed Control – allows variation between multiple project uses
• Knock on Diamond Tool Exchange – ensures fast tool changeover to minimise downtime
• Less operator fatigue – Balanced operation & low vibration
• Floating dust shroud gives an effective dust control

Why Schwamborn Grinders? Extremely high production, made possible due to the combination of the weight, motor power and diamond grinding pressure.

Combined with the correct diamond tooling, our Schwamborn machines offer productive, high performance efficiency when on site These machines are powerful, easy to manuver and have the flexibility to perfect your floor to a superior polished finish, or to simply remove humps, glues, paints, trip hazards & epoxies. Built to a standard professional contractors demand and expect , this German built machine boasts the highest quality of workmanship and is proud to be ‘rental tough’ Over 30 years of Engineering experience stands behind the design of the Schwamborn machines.

Below is the speciation’s of your new machine. .. Every machine is designed with excellence for floor preparation, polishing and removal, and features, DOC – Drive Overload Clutch, which protects the drive against shock loads when starting or driving over obstacles which in turn extends the surface life on your new machine. ETX – Easy Tool Exchange, time is money, for this reason the simple Knock on diamond shoe system is designed for easy tooling exchange. DIF – Diamond Floating Device, Nothing is worse than an uneven surface to get a perfect floor finish. As every floor surface is different and rarely will you come across two floors the same, our DIF-System ensures uniform grinding results and reduces the machines vibration at the same time. MOP – Motor Overload Protection, Improved electrical safety gives a reliability for our Schwamborn machines when working under heavy working conditions.

Leading the industry Schwamborn Grinders boast in ECONOMY, SAFEY, EASE OF USE and INNOVATION. We look forward to discussing your preparation and surfacing requirements further.


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