Red Mahogany


Timber Species – Red Mahogany
Red Mahogany (Eucalyptus resinifera)

Red Mahogany is an extremely dense hardwood species, with stunning pale to deep, dark red colouring. Its density and rare colouring have made it a prestigious timber species that is highly sought after. It is a species that lends itself well to good, consistent grading for a uniform look. Red Mahogany represents a good alternative to Jarrah which has become more difficult to source.

Physical Properties

Dry Density: 950 kg/m³

Janka Dry Hardness: 12 kN

The Janka rating is the hardness level given to each species. The higher the number, the greater the hardness.

The natural colour variation within a timber species is normal and one of its most appealing attributes. The species samples shown here are indicative only and do not necessarily show the colour variation that can be naturally found in each species. It is recommended that large samples of the species be viewed in a timber flooring showroom when deciding on the species for a new timber