Meteor 250 MKII Grinder

For contractors who need speed and portability. The Meteor 250 Mk II offers aggressive removal of surface material from a lightweight machine with a wide range of glue and epoxy diamond tooling available.

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To Suit – Mains Power Single Phase

Removes Glues, Epoxy, Coatings, Resurfacing

All Preparation Equipment has the Meteor 250 Mark II.
The Meteor 250 MK2 is compact and easy to store, and loads into a Ute or van easily. It has no belts and pulleys, so all the power is available at the 250mm (10”) disc.

Glue and coating removal is a breeze with this machine. And All Preparation Equipment can supply a full range of purpose-designed diamond tooling created specifically for glue and coating removal. Click the View our Diamonds link below.

Balanced operation to reduce operator fatigue.
Foldable handle for compact storage and transport.
Uses 250mm (10”) Diamond discs for surface grinding. For
removal of coatings, glue, concrete lips, and much more.
No belts and pulleys means it is virtually maintenance free preventing downtime

• Accepts 250mm Wheels


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