Intergrain Dimension 4 (10L)

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Intergrain Dimension 4 UltraPrimer is a timber stabilising pre-treatment which aids application to prolong the life of Intergrain DWD™ and other compatible finishes.

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It helps protect timber from staining, sun, water, and most fungal and mould damage during the construction period and prior to coating. Dimension 4 UltraPrimer stabilises timber by reducing water absorption, cupping, splitting, checking, fading and staining.

IMPORTANT: In order to provide a foundation for long term timber protection Dimension 4 MUST be overcoated with either DWD or other compatible finishes within three months of application.

ENHANCED DWD TRISHIELD APPLICATION SYSTEM: Intergrain Reviva® Timber Cleaner (STAGE 1), then Intergrain Dimension 4 UltraPrimer (STAGE 2), then Intergrain DWD (STAGE 3). ALWAYS apply DWD in accordance with this process to ensure maximum lifespan from the coating.

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