HB Fuller XMS (600ml Sausage)

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Floor Bond XMS™ is a high strength, high performance, MS polymer flooring adhesive
Ready to use with no mixing required, extremely smooth and easy to trowel. As Floor Bond XMS™ contains no water or solvents, the risk of deforming timber flooring is eliminated.

Key Benefits

Non toxic/isocyanate free
No black hands after use
Forms stable peaks once applied with a notched trowel
Contains no water, solvents or isocyanates
Acoustic rated, CSIRO – Report No. INR 157
Floor Bond XMS™ 16kg is reusable for up to 6 weeks if lid has been correctly fitted
Elastomeric: permanently flexible

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All surfaces must be clean, dry, even, sound and free of dust, oil, irregularities and cracks.
Floorbond XMS™ flooring adhesive should be acclimatised to room temperature before installation. Apply the adhesive to the surface by means of a suitable notched trowel (3-4mm v notch for small size parquetry, 6 mm v-notch for boards). Do not apply more to the surface than can be covered within 30 minutes.
Slide the flooring onto the adhesive layer and tap into place or tamp down with a rubber hammer. Use enough pressure to ensure full constant contact between timber and adhesive. A minimum of 80% contact coverage is required to ensure perfect adhesion. Loading the flooring with weights will improve the final bond strength. Wait at least 24 hours before sanding and finishing the timber flooring.

Product Guide

There are 15 sausages per carton.

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