Festool CT26 Dust Extractor

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The 26L Festool CT-HEPA extractor guarantees efficient dust and chip extraction – extremely important for sawing, sanding or routing work at assembly occasions or in the workshop. Compact and lightweight, it's clever flat filter design maximises the volume of dust that can be held while maintaining high suction power. Suction power is adjustable and the switch-on/shut-off function allows the extractor to turn on automatically when required, and turn off when not. Approved for dust class L, and with the option of fitting air modules, Festool's CT-HEPA promises healthy, dust free working conditions at every job. The extractor is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Main Applications

Dust extraction with HEPA filter
Workshop and on-site cleaning
Automatic operation with power and air tools
Wet and dry extraction
WorkCentre and Systainer transport

Strengths And Benefits

99.95 separation efficiency at .03 microns
Optimal use of the container with flat filter design
Constant high suction with compact high performance turbine
Antistatic function to prevent static build up during use
Secure attachment of Systainers and WorkCentre via Sys-Dock

Technical Data

Power consumption : 350 – 1200 W
Airflow max. : 3,900 l/min
Max. vacuum : 24,000 Pa
Filter surface area : 6,318 cm²
Rubber-insulated mains cable : 7.5 m
Container/Filter bag capacity : 26 / 24 L
Dimension (L x W x H) : 630 x 365 x 540 mm


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