Fein Multimaster Cordless 18V

$715.00 Excluding GST

The high performance, cordless universal system for interior construction and renovation with QuickIN and accessories for a wide range of applications.

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  • FEIN Anti-Vibration System. Up to 70% less vibration due to complete decoupling of the outer motor housing. For durable safe work.
  • Starlock tool mount standard. Perfect accessory seating due to 3D profile. 100% lossless power transmission for up to 35% faster cutting speed.
  • QuickIN tool change. Patented, tool-free FEIN rapid clamping system for safe, convenient tool changes in under 3 seconds.
  • StarlockPlus for outstanding versatility due to access to the complete Starlock- and StarlockPlus accessory range.
  • DC motor. Proven motor technology with small size, efficiency and high torque.
  • Tacho generator. High-quality electronics for constant speed, even under load. infinitely variable electronic speed adjustment.
  • Metal drive head. High load capacity and maximum service life.
  • Integrated interface for additional system accessories, including depth stop.
  • Largest accessory range with Starlock and StarlockPlus mounts in FEIN quality.
  • FEIN SafetyCell technology. Protects the battery and the machine from overloading, overheating and deep discharge.
  • The battery capacity can be read directly on the battery.

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