Feast Watson Glass Finish

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A two part, high build epoxy which provides an extremely durable, high-gloss, glass-like finish. Glass Finish is extremely tough, hard wearing, and scratch-resistant.

A single application of Glass Finish is equivalent to 60 coats of traditional varnish.

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Glass Finish can be used on interior timber, and many other interior surfaces. It is ideal for small craft or decoupage projects, and highly recommended for interior timber benches and table tops.

Glass Finish is suitable as an embedding or casting medium, and can be tinted to many colours with Prooftint Stain.

Note: Glass Finish is NOT suitable for exterior timber, flooring or vertical surfaces.

Feast Watson Glass Finish Kit includes: Glass Finish RESIN (Part A), Glass Finish HARDENER (Part B), Stirrer, Glass Finish Usage Guide.



Do NOT thin Glass Finish

1. Combine

Combine all of Glass Finish RESIN (Part A) into Glass Finish HARDENER (Part B) in a clean container.

Note: refer to Glass Finish Usage Guide for advice on how to measure out a smaller amount of Glass Finish to complete a smaller project than that allowed for in kit size.

2. Mix

Mix combined RESIN and HARDENER with the flat stirrer provided until the material is thoroughly blended (refer to mixing instructions in pack). Product will not cure properly or final finish will be soft or sticky if mixing directions are not followed.

3. Pour and Spread

Pour over surface to be coated as soon as mixed. Caution: If product is left in mixing container it will become hot and set rapidly.

Spread evenly with a brush or spreader. Do NOT roll or spray.

After pouring you have ~25minutes working time before Glass Finish starts to harden.

4. Degass

If bubbles occur after about 5 minutes, they can be easily and effectively broken by gently exhaling on them until they disappear (note: avoid inhaling fumes). A propane torch is recommended to remove bubbles from a freshly coated surface. Sweep area with the propane torch from 15cm above surface until bubbles disappear. Use a low flame. Do NOT hold torch in one area for too long.

Note: it is carbon dioxide not heat which breaks up bubbles. Do NOT use a heater or a hair dryer. Do NOT try to remove bubbles after 30minutes.

Tidy up edges with a small brush

5. Cure

Leave to dry in a dust free area for 24hrs

For best results room temperature should be at least 23 degrees


To change the colour of Glass Finish, add up to 2% Feast Waston Prooftint when mixing RESIN and HARDENER (Step 2)