Cobra Corner Scraper 1.5″

$20.00 Excluding GST

Introducing the New 15” Cobra Scraper made from renewable bamboo.

The blade is a high carbon steel that holds its edge and can be re sharpened with a new condition mill file.

(Bamboo’s benefits)
Bamboo grows 10 times faster than tree’s and can yield 20 times more timber compared to an equal sized area of tree’s, while producing 35% more oxygen.
1000’s of products can be made from bamboo including superior textiles. No pesticides are needed to grow bamboo. Held in the highest regard in Asia for thousands of years for it’s many uses, It is now gaining recognition in North America as an alternative for many useful products made from wood, plastics, & cotton.
By choosing bamboo you are helping the environment. Every choice you make has an impact, and makes a difference.

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