Urethane Coatings Acetone

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1. May be used as the final rinse after using urethane coatings CLEANING SOLVENT for washing and cleaning brushes, rollers and lamb’s wool pads.
2. Acetone IS NOT to be used as a thinner for Urethane Coatings products.
3. May be used to remove contaminants when coating floors, or between coats when treating oily timbers – as a CHEMICAL WASH. A CHEMICAL WASH is the process of dampening (moist – not dripping wet) a clean rag or a mop and then wiping the rag/mop onto the substrate, parallel with the grain in even strokes in similar fashion to applying a coating (DO NOT wipe in a circular manner as though polishing a surface). Every 3m2 to 5m2 replace the rag/mop with a clean rag/mop or thoroughly rinse the rag/mop in ACETONE [or Urethane coatings CLEANING SOLVENT], and redampen with ACETONE.
4. May be used to clean metal prior to painting or alternative protective treatment.
5. May be used as nail polish remover.

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