Product Highlight: Loba Additives

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Loba Additives

Loba manufacture a range of handy additives that you can add to their water base finishes to provide some of those more unique finishes that customers are looking for these days. These include the UV protect, Argo, Amberizer and Whitener.

UV Protect

Think of UV Protect like a sunblock for coatings. It is generally more designed for lighter species of timber as the darker ones are already pigmented and it will not greatly affect the colourisation of the floor. The UV protect will help prevent change of colour in the finish and is ideal in areas of high UV light where you don’t want the coatings yellowing off. It is also obviously great on any floor that has been limewashed.

Application: To use simply give the coating a good shake, then shake the uv protect, add and then shake again. Now you’re ready to go!

 UV Protect


Argo is designed to provide more open time when coating your floors. Great for those times when you have really hot conditions or wide expanses where it is hard to keep a wet edge. Argo will help reduce flashing and lap marks especially in your two-pack range where is tends to go off quicker.
Application: In terms of time the Argo probably gives you around about 10% more open time and like all water base products the key is to put it on as thick as possible. To use simply mix up and shake your two pack or single pack, mix the Argo, add and shake once more. Now you are ready to go!

Loba WS Argo


Amberizer is an orangey colour additive which can be added to any of your topcoats. It can be used in situations where customers want to achieve that older look in timber. Perfect for example when you are trying to marry in new hoop pine to old. It can also be used over those traditional brown type stained floors to keep that deep traditional look instead of putting a clear coat on. Perfect for instance after you have done a stain and the customer wants just that little bit more of a richer look! The great thing about Amberizer is that it will not continue to darken or Amberize like traditional solvent polyurethane will.

Application: Amberizer is ideally suited to your topcoats. Preferably do not add to the prime coat as it is more prone to lap marks etc. due to its high pigmentation. It will level better and be less prone to drying out quickly if added to the finish after the prime coat has been applied. Simply mix your two pack or single pack, shake the Amberizer, add and shake again. Once again you are ready to coat!

Loba Amberizer


As the name suggest whitener is of a white nature used to lighten the floor or provide that whiter look finish. The whitener can be used in a similar application to the Amberizer, only difference is that you can also add this product to the primer coat. The reason being is it is lighter and has less pigmentation, thus less prone to showing up lap marks etc. Because you can add to all coats it is great for the contactor because after each application you can check with the customer to see if the finish is white enough. If not, simply just keep adding to each coat until the desired colour is achieved.

Loba Whitener

Whitener Application

Tips for Additives

We find all Loba products with the additives go down well with the loba microfibre 120 roller. While these products make life easier to try and achieve these looks, you still have to apply the product in the right fashion. This means things like not cutting in a whole room and then rolling back over where it has dried.

When you cut in with a brush put a ton of finish on and then blend with the roller close to the wall while it is still wet and it will settle great, everything just flows back into itself. In larger area’s plan out the coat and roll up to the edge of the board. That way if it has started to flash off, you are not going to notice as much along the join line rather than down the middle of a board.

Work in the coolest part of the day or have the aircon on for a while to cool the room and floor before you start to coat.

Avoid coating while direct sunlight is on the floor.

Generally, the only time you will get problems is when the product has flashed off or started to dry. Once this happens you are adding another layer of pigmentation and hence why it is possible to get lap marks in this scenario. So, while sometimes it may be hard to get the perfect conditions the more you can keep the floor cool and the more product you can put on the floor generally the better the result.

If you have any questions regarding any of these products feel free to give us a call.

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Happy coating!