Floor Sanding Belt Machines



There are a number of excellent belt sanding machines on the market these days. These machines make it very easy to quickly sand and level even the most undulating floor surfaces. They come in a range of different sizes and weights.


The most common sizes are 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch sanding belt widths. Weight of these sanding machines can vary from around 75kgs for some of your 8 inch machines all the way up to 130kgs for some of the 12 inch machines. So they are easier to carry around they are able to be broken down into two parts. Generally speaking the motor sits on the top of the floor sanding machine and is easily removed to enable one person move the machine around from one place to the next.





Leading Floor Sanding Machine Brands


For commercial floor sanding purposes there are four or five that stand out in respect to quality and reliability in this field. As with any machine everyone will have an opinion which is best but here is a list of some of the more common ones you will find people in the floor sanding trade using.


    Made in Germany this company has been making floor sanding machinery for over 50 years. Their two most popular selling machines are the 8″ Hummel and the 12″ Super Hummel



    The biggest selling machine in the Clarke range is the 8″ Floorcrafter. It is designed to cut hard on the floor and has a patented dolly system for easy transport.



    Made in the USA the Galaxy brand is well respected in the industry. They make both an 8″ and 12″ belt sanders as well as their dual drum/belt sanders



  • BONA
    Bona has long been synonymous with high quality water base coatings but they also make excellent sanding machines as well. Their biggest selling machine is the Bona 10″ Belt sander.


Tips before Purchasing a Machine


  • Ask you supplier about the availability and cost of spare parts
  • See if there is an option to trail a machine to see how it sands
  • Are you a sole operator, if so perhaps an 8″ machine will be easier to move from site to site
  • Talk to others in the trade about their experiences with the machines they currently use
  • Will a 12 inch machine save you more time on the job