Edger’s at Portugal Cork

This week on the blog we are featuring some of the Edger’s that Portugal Cork currently have in stock!

Lagler Flip

The Lagler Flip allows for convenient, effortless, perfect sanding of difficult edges and stairs without leaving any imperfections on the surface.

Its practical design, lightweight high-tech materials and innovative engineering make it the machine of the future for sanding wooden floors.

Lagler Elan

The ELAN is the light and flexible universal machine popular with both professionals and rental companies. With its low machine weight and extraordinary maneuverability, the ELAN is not only extremely suitable for sanding edges and areas of wooden flooring underneath radiators, but for wooden staircases as well. A sturdy motor and good dust extraction guarantee clean work. The ELAN is straightforward to use, making it suitable for finishing and cover-up work. Irregularities in the flooring are levelled out smoothly thanks to the flexible steel sanding plate. 2 straight attachments are available.

Clarke B2 Edger

The B-2+ Edger offers a 3200 RPM setting for fast aggressive cutting and a 2800 RPM setting for greater precision. With a new dust pipe design that allows this machine to be attached directly to a vacuum, as well as a new and innovative quick release bag design.

Clarke S7 Edger

The Super 7R is designed for both power and durability, it has been the edger of choice for the pro contractor for over 50 years. Equipped with a quick release dust bag and the ability to attach directly to a vacuum.

It has hardened steel pinion with brass drive gear reduces vibration and precision-balanced sanding pad which produces finer finish. It also has a quick release dust bag that slides on and off with a simple twist and pull.

Galaxy Elite 3 Edger

Years of design concepts, market research, and engineering were combined in the production of the Elite 3 in order to make sure that the Galaxy lived up to its reputation of producing the finest and most powerful floor sanding tools. Unlike many traditional edger’s, we modified certain aspects which will ensure the best possible finish for your floors.

  • florescent lighting – helps to clearly see all blemishes
  • uses a belt drive instead of gears, providing more power
  • belt drive is smoother and quieter