ATFA Information Sheet – Care & Maintenance


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Maintenance Mantras

These guidelines apply to any timber floor, following them will help your floor look good for longer between recoating and re-sanding:

• Anti-static mop, sweep and/or vacuum (soft head) the floor as often as possible.
• Never, ever wet-mop a floor.
• Only use cleaners that are recommended by timber floor coating manufacturers or timber floor manufacturers.
• DON’T use: ammonia-based cleaners, wax-based products (unless coating is oil or wax), detergents, bleach, polishes, abrasive cleaning soaps, steel wool or abrasive cloths, turps or kerosene.
• Use walk off, walk on mats and area rugs at all doorways (keep door mats clean).
• Put floor protectors on the bottom of all furniture and anything else that is hard and will make contact and might rub on the timber floor. (Lift and do not slide chairs.)
• Wipe up all spills immediately. Many beverages will stain most finishes if left on the floor.
• Keep pet nails trimmed. Know that dogs running through the house will scratch any finish.
• Consider using carpet runners/area rugs in high-traffic areas.
• Keep your home at normal living conditions for your area—no extremes of humidity or temperature.
• Protect your floor from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can soften the tone of different species of timber to varying degrees and accelerate the darkening from oxidation and aging of timber and the coating.
• DON’T wear shoes with stiletto heels on your timber floor. Remove shoes at the door to avoid potentially dragging in sharp objects in your shoe treads.
• Rearrange your rugs and furniture periodically to allow the flooring colour to age evenly.

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