5 Tips from Portugal Cork to help maintain your timber floors

Sweep or Dust Mop
Sweep or dust mop your floors daily or every other day to remove dust, dirt, grit or any other abrasive particles, we recommend using our Oates Spray & Glide Mop or Loba Cleaning Kit

Use Mats on Entry Points
Using mats on each entry point to your floor, make sure they are soft and will absorb water and excess dirt

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Avoid direct sunlight by drawing your curtains or blinds,  hot sun can fade the colour of your floor and dry out the finish

Remove Scuffmarks ASAP
Remove any scuffmarks on the floor ASAP, we recommend using Loba FloorCare Cleaner or for heavily soiled floors we suggest Loba FloorCare Remover

Use Protective Felts
Use protective felts for under chairs or any other pieces of furniture placed on your timber floors, we have felt rolls and felt cushions available

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