HB Fuller Moisture Barrier

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Floorbond MC1 is a 1-part, 1-coat, waterbased moisture vapour controller with fast drying and over-coating properties. It has been specially formulated to be applied to damp and new concrete with a moisture vapour emission rate of <0.12kg/m2 per 24 hours, or up to 100% relative humidity. Floorbond MC1 has been formulated to be used with Floorbond XMS timber flooring adhesive.

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• 1-part, no mixing required • 1-coat for fast turnaround time • Can be over-coated with Floorbond XMS after 3 hours @23C • Waterbased, easy clean up with water • No priming required • Can be applied at up to 100% relative humidity • Low VOC (Green Star compliant)

• Moisture controller under hybrid timber flooring adhesive to control the rate of moisture transmission and reduce the risk of timber failure/cupping • Improved adhesion to concrete of hybrid timber flooring adhesive


A wet film thickness of 250micron is required to obtain optimum moisture vapour control. A 10L pail of Floorbond MC1 will yield approx. 25m2 coverage. Care should be taken to ensure there are no pinholes in the film on application. Any pinholes must be spot-filled prior to Floorbond XMS being applied over Floorbond MC1.

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